Specialty Show for VI FCI Group

Specialty Show for VI FCI Group

We invite you to our show for
VI FCI group and Lithuanian & Latvian & Estonian Hounds!


Date: August 29, 2021

Location: Birstonas

Judge: Laima Eidukiene (Lithuania)



Registration First dog Every next dog* Baby, puppy, veteran
(brace, breeders, progeny)
Until August 20 25 EUR 20 EUR 12 EUR 10 EUR




  • A complete entry form, a copy of pedigree and payment confirmation should be sent to show@bigliuklubas.lt
  • A copy of working or champion certificate must be attached to the entry form, if the dog is registered to champion or working class.
  • Payment should be made to Bigliu klubas bank account (details below). The sender must cover all the expenses connected with the payments. Please write the name of the dog and/or the surname of the owner in the description field.


[*] Dog registered in the baby, puppy or veteran class cannot be considered to be the 1st registered dog. The discount for the 2nd and next dogs can be applied only if the name of the owner and his/her address is completely identical with the 1st entry form.


On August 28-29 four shows will be held in Birstonas:
August 28 – VI FCI group show and national all-breed show (CAC)
August 29 –  Beagle Club Winner’2021 (only beagles) and national all-breed show (CAC)



Tel.: +37068523430
e-mail: show@bigliuklubas.lt

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Bigliu klubas
Account: LT427044060005805762
SEB bankas, Bank code: 70440