Lithuanian Beagle Club Winner 2023

We invite you to Lithuanian Beagle Club Winner 2023 show that will be held on August 26, 2023! Judge – Janne Sandbakken (NO).


Show for the 6 FCI group

Registration to 6 FCI group show that will be held on August 27, 2023 ir beautiful Birstonas. Judge – Birgit Sluiter (NL).


VI FCI Group Specialty Show

We sincerely invite you to specialty show for VI FCI Group breeds and Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian Hounds!   Date: August 28,


Club Winner 2022

Our traditional Club Winner show – for beagle breed! Held on August 27 in Birstonas. Registration until August 18.


Together with Ukraine

In the face of horrible Russian aggression towards Ukraine, our thoughts and support are with the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian cynological community.


Club Shows 2022

Are you dreaming of the summer already? We want to mark the last weekend of August in your calendars, as